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Aspen (home of PARTNER and the PCN App) is a social connectedness platform that gives you access to collect data on personal and organizational social networks, visualize your data, analyze in data dashboards, and generate reports. You also get access to a learning environment where you can attend webinars, demos, and engage with a peer-learning community. With these tools you can identify gaps, spot the breakdowns, and develop strategies to strengthen social connectedness in your community and for the people serve.

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Social Network Mapping & Analysis

The PARTNER Tool is an easy to use, start to finish, social network analysis tool for network mapping and analysis.

PARTNER takes the guess work out collecting, analyzing, and making sense of network data. Using PARTNER is like getting a Project Manager, Evaluator, Statistician, and Strategist all in one easy to use tool, saving you endless hours of staff time trying to figure out how to collect and makes sense of your network maps!

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Collect and Analyze Data on Individual Social Networks

The Person-Centered Network App is a fully adaptable and easy to use tool to collect, analyze, and interpret data on personal support networks.

We are all embedded in personal support networks, yet they are invisible, not only to ourselves, but also to the people who care for us. The PCN App makes it easy to see the social connectedness of a person, find the strengths, identify the gaps, and link a person to resources.

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The VNL Learning Lab is the space where we gather with our partners and customers in trainings and workshops.

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We offer consulting services to build the capacity of people and organizations to understand their network analysis and how it can be used to improve their collaborative or outcomes.

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